Type 2 Diabetes
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Dating and Type 1 Diabetes

When it comes to telling a date about one's diabetes, there's no one "right answer" that will work all the time. But what follows are some things to consider and a few tips for handling the situation.

  • Dining. If a date knows that he or she is seeing someone with diabetes, it may be easier and less awkward to stick with a healthy meal plan
  • Low blood sugar. If a low blood sugar episode occurs on a date, is there a plan for dealing with it?
  • Testing, adjustments, or injections. Check in advance to see if there is a private place to test blood sugar, adjust a pump, or give an injection while out
  • Physical activity. An active date is a great idea. But if the date involves playing tennis, taking a hike, or any other rigorous physical activity, it needs to be planned for. Will it be possible to check blood sugar more frequently? Is there a plan for the increased chance of low blood sugar?

Whether or not you, or the person you care for, feel comfortable talking about diabetes right away, a little planning can help make it easier to be discreet.

  • Be prepared. Test blood sugar before going out. Have emergency snacks or glucose tablets in a pocket or purse. And don't go too long without having a snack or meal
  • Be ready to adjust or inject. Plan out insulin dosing in advance
  • Stay minty-fresh. High blood sugar levels (250 mg/dL or higher) can cause an unwanted "fruity" breath odor
  • Beware of alcohol. Alcohol can quickly decrease blood sugar, which creates the risk for low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). Even for people of legal age, it's still best to avoid alcohol

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