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Type 2 Diabetes
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Coping With the Diagnosis of Diabetes

Chances are, you weren't expecting yourself or your loved one to be diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Many people are surprised when they get this news. It may help you to know that you are not alone in having type 1 diabetes, or in caring for someone who does. According to recent statistics, each year over 15,000 children in the US are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. That averages out to more than 40 kids each and every day. And, as you probably know, adults can get type 1 diabetes too. In fact, of the 1.9 million adults (age 20 or older) in the US newly diagnosed with diabetes each year, about 5 percent are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Fortunately, with the right help, you can deal with the shock and stress you may feel by taking charge and managing your, or your loved one's, type 1 diabetes.

There are healthy ways to cope with a type 1 diabetes diagnosis that can leave one feeling empowered. It starts with acceptance. Yes, you, or someone you love, has type 1 diabetes. It is a serious condition. But, you can cope with it. You'll have questions. You'll need information. That's why you, or your loved one with type 1 diabetes, has a diabetes care team. Ask them whatever questions you may have. Be open to their advice. Ask them for materials to take home and read. This section of our website has a wealth of information on type 1 diabetes care, so be sure to come back to it often.

The links below contain information that will help you or your loved one cope with the changes needed to manage type 1 diabetes.

Be patient with yourself—it takes time to learn everything you need to know to manage type 1 diabetes. So keep moving forward and taking positive steps toward dealing with all of these changes and challenges. Take good care of yourself, and your loved one with type 1 diabetes if you are a caregiver, and turn to others for needed support. Yes, there are many things you have to do when you have, or care for someone with, type 1 diabetes. But you can do it! Stay with it. Remember that life with type 1 diabetes can be much more than just manageable—it can be great!

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