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Type 2 Diabetes
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Traveling With Insulin and Diabetes Supplies

If traveling is a part of your or your family's life, diabetes doesn't mean putting on the brakes! Just a little planning is all it takes to make travel more manageable. Here are a few things to do before you leave:

  • Ask your diabetes care team for extra prescriptions. These will come in handy if you need more insulin while away
  • Always carry insulin and testing supplies with you when you fly. Put them in your carry-on bag instead of checking them with your luggage
  • Figure out ahead of time where you'll store your insulin. It's important not to let insulin get too hot or too cold. Check the product information that came with your insulin for more information on how to store your insulin
  • Make sure you're wearing your "I have diabetes" ID
  • Bring extra food with you wherever you go
  • Because changes in your schedule can mean different patterns in your blood sugar, make sure you check your blood sugar often

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