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Type 2 Diabetes
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Healthy Eating

You know that the food you eat affects your blood sugar levels. So, the more you understand about what's actually in your food, the easier it should be for you to manage your blood sugar.

What's the difference between healthy eating for someone with type 1 diabetes and someone without diabetes? Not much! You should eat a wide variety of foods. And you should balance the amount of carbohydrates, proteins, and fat. You won't have to say no to everything with sugar, or ban dessert entirely. But you may need to limit your portion sizes.

Working with a dietitian experienced in diabetes can help you develop or change your meal plan to meet specific nutritional goals. For example, they may recommend that you plan for special treats by cutting back on other foods, being more active, or taking extra insulin.

We also have resources on this site that can help. They're described below.

New ways to think about food

There are many different ways to think about your meal plan. Which is the best one? The one that works for you!

One example is the "My Plate" design from the US Department of Agriculture, which replaces the old food pyramid. You may find it useful in understanding portion control.

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Cornerstones4Care® has several tools that can make healthy eating easy and delicious

  • How Do You Count Carbs? (And Make Them Count!)

    — Learn the basics of carbohydrate counting to help you manage your blood sugar and bolus insulin dosing

  • Sizing Up a Food's Glycemic Index

    — The higher a glycemic index (GI) a carb has, the faster it can raise blood sugar. Find out more about the GI and how it can help you achieve tighter blood sugar control

  • Is Gluten-Free Right For Me?

    — This natural protein can make life miserable for some people and yet have little effect on others. Find out which foods have gluten, which don't, and who needs to be concerned

  • Kid-friendly Recipes

    — Some of our littlest critics have demanded meal and snack ideas that are more to their tastes. Here are some scrumptious offerings that are sure to please the kids

  • Family Menu and Meal Planning Tools

    — Plan a full week's meals from a wide variety of recipes, and print a customized shopping list of the ingredients you need. You can also find Food Exchange Lists that help you add variety while staying within your meal plan, and a Food Look-up Tool with nutritional content on hundreds of food items

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