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Becoming a Young Adult

At this point in your life, you may be ready to move out of your parents’ house and live away from home for the first time. College. Working. Moving away. It’s an exciting time, but maybe you feel a little nervous too. For the first time in your life, you may be completely responsible for your diabetes management.  

Don’t be afraid. Your diabetes management plan may be a little different now, but the basics are still the same. Just continue to focus on the 4 cornerstones of care—healthy eating, being active, taking medicines, and tracking.

The following articles can give you more suggestions on how to make diabetes care a part of your adult life:

Traveling With Diabetes

Entering the Work Force

Paying for Diabetes Care

Driving Tips

Checking Blood Sugar

Alcohol and Type 1 Diabetes

Your Life on Your Terms

From negotiating your changing role in your own diabetes care with your parents to going out on those first few dates, we have pointers to help you keep up with your rapidly changing life.

We’re Here for You

There’s a place where type 1 diabetes support is always available: Cornerstones4Care®! Find members-only tools, tips, information, and inspiration specifically created for people of all ages and stages with type 1 diabetes and those who care for them.