Preparing For School Trips With Type 1 Diabetes | Cornerstones4Care®

School Trips

It’s good to get out of the classroom and see something new! Going to a museum, aquarium, or zoo can be exciting; however, when your schedule changes for the day, it’s important to still manage your diabetes.

Ready to go

Your parents or other caregivers will need to talk to your teacher before the trip to make sure that the teachers or other adults coming on the trip with you know about your diabetes. 

  • If you need help with testing blood or injecting insulin, make sure your teacher or other adults on the trip are able to help you 
  • If there are lots of activities planned, you may need to take extra snacks or adjust your insulin dose  
  • Your parents or other caregivers will need to make sure you have all the supplies you need, particularly if you are staying over one or more nights. Make sure to follow storage instructions on your medications and supplies too. Some medicines and supplies can be ruined by temperatures that are too high or too low, or by excess humidity or moisture
  • You should have the phone numbers of your parents or other caregivers and health care providers with you, just in case you get ill

Where’s the Party?

Kids with type 1 diabetes want to have fun too—and it’s okay to go to parties and have a good time! But you have to remember to do a few things to take care of your diabetes at the same time. We can help.

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