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Being Diagnosed With Type 1 Diabetes

There may not have been any clear warning signs before you or your loved one was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, so it may have come as a shock. It may help you to know that you are not alone. In 2014–2015, there were over 18,000 diagnosed cases of type 1 diabetes in the United States among people under 20 years of age. But it’s not just a childhood disease; adults can get type 1 diabetes, too.

There is support available to help you deal with the shock and stress of the diagnosis. You can take charge and help manage your, or your loved one's, type 1 diabetes.

When you first get the news, you'll have questions. You'll need information. That's why you, or your loved one with type 1 diabetes, have a diabetes care team. Ask them whatever questions you may have. Be open to their advice. Here on Cornerstones4Care.com you’ll find a wealth of information on type 1 diabetes care, so be sure to come back often.

The articles on this site offer type 1 diabetes management tips and provide suggestions based on the 4 cornerstones of diabetes care. There’s even content for kids and teens. You and your loved one can learn about:

Healthy Eating

Being Active  



Be patient with yourself—it takes time to learn the important things you need to know to manage type 1 diabetes. Take good care of yourself and turn to others for needed support. Yes, there are many things to do when you have, or care for someone with, type 1 diabetes. Keep going and know that type 1 diabetes shouldn’t keep you from doing and accomplishing the things in life that you want to!

What’s Your A1C?

Your A1C is a lot more than just a number—it’s an important measure of your long-term blood sugar control. Find out more about it.

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