Healthy Eating While Living With Diabetes | Cornerstones4Care®

Healthy Eating

Food can have a big effect on blood sugar. Everyone should have a good understanding of what is in their food in order to make good food choices. But it’s even more important to pay attention when type 1 diabetes is involved.

It all comes down to balance. Both kids and adults with type 1 diabetes need to make sure that the calories and carbohydrates (“carbs”) that they eat are balanced with the medicine they take and the physical activity they do. So the more a person understands about what's actually in their food, the easier blood sugar management becomes.

If your health care provider has diagnosed you, or the person you care for with celiac disease, dietary needs may be different.

Plan on Eating Well

With a little planning, you can eat healthy and really enjoy your meal.

Ready for the Main Course?

You’re here, so you’ve had a taste! But, have you joined yet? There’s a lot more to the type 1 diabetes support program than just the website. From helpful emails to delicious diabetes-friendly recipes and dynamic meal planning tools, membership can be helpful.