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Tracking Blood Sugar

Checking blood sugar on a regular basis is an important part of managing type 1 diabetes. Usually, the person with type 1 diabetes is the one who checks his or her own blood sugar. However, infants, young children, and people with type 1 diabetes who are hospitalized, or who have severe disabilities, may need to rely on a caregiver. Caregivers can be parents, other family members, school staff, childcare providers, and/or health care providers.

Checking blood sugar regularly

Keeping a good record of blood sugar readings over time (tracking) gives clues to how well meal and activity plans are working together with insulin. It also allows the health care provider to see how well the diabetes care plan is working, or if it needs to change.

Why Should I Track My Blood Sugar?

Testing your blood sugar regularly, as recommended by your diabetes care team, and keeping track of your blood sugar numbers can help you better manage your type 1 diabetes.

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